Hello singers!

I offer voice lessons online via Skype/Zoom. Vocal lessons involve individualized instruction to help singers achieve their own singing goals and overcome technical obstacles of the voice.

I teach vocal concepts based on the Swedish/Italian School of Singing; a time-tested method developed by generations of voice teachers. I have been trained in the technique by Maestro David Jones associate and Voice Soaring Studios founder, Jeffrey Alani Stanfill. Consistent training of singers in the technique will help with increasing vocal range, building vocal strength & stamina, smoothing out vocal breaks, blending of the vocal registers, and artist development.

All ages and skill levels are welcome! Whether you’re a professional, beginner or anything in between, this technique will help you achieve great results and can be applied to a wide variety of vocal styles including pop, rock and classical.

All the best,

-Davie Kuan

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